Frequently Asked Questions

You want to reduce the risk of hiring individuals with a history of theft, violence, drugs, sexual harassment, and other problems associated with today’s workplace. Whether you react to such information or not, you are able to make informed decisions that will protect you from the liabilities of negligent hiring and retention.

Criminal history, credit reports, Social Security # verification, driving history, previous addresses, previous employer verification, etc. (Please see our current list of services for more.)

Once we receive your order, processing the report takes 2-3 days.

As of October 1st, 1997, the FCRA requires that all employers who request background information for pre-employment purposes have a written consent before they begin. If they make any adverse decision because of the report obtained, the applicant has the right to see the information and contest it if it is wrong. More information on the FCRA laws can be found at the website.

Unless you request otherwise, a criminal history search is a 7 year search of court records that uncovers misdemeanor and felony convictions. Your report will include: case number, charge, sentence, date of offense, date of disposition, and any other information when possible. If you request (for a fee) we can get uncertified or certified copies of the records and mail or fax them to you.

Reports will be sent via email to you.

Yes, we are fully licensed and back by a million dollars in professional liability insurance.

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