Employment & Education Verification

Employment Verification

At Insight, we do more. Employment verifications go farther than just giving you an employment history. We dig a little deeper to give you real information, empowering you to make an informed hiring decision.

With an average tenure of 8 years and very low internal turn-over rates, we employ a fully vested staff that knows how to get the job done right. We guarantee that our verifications, and your applicant’s information, are never outsourced overseas.

Let us verify the employment of your next candidate and prove the unsurpassed quality of an intensive and complete employment verification.

Education Verification

Verifying education and professional licensure safeguards your company against negligent hiring litigation by limiting the likelihood of hiring individuals with insufficient or illegitimate licensure. Stay in compliance and hire qualified individuals by verifying their degree or professional licensure.

Professional References

A professional reference gives you the opportunity to learn about your applicant first hand from someone that has already hired or worked with them. Insight offers a fully compliant professional reference service, conducted by phone from our Tennessee and California locations. We work with you to custom tailor a standard or industry specific package to accommodate your needs to your specifications.

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